Pedaling from the Black Forest to the Yellow Sea
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early Christmas present

The project has taken a major hurdle. The bike is here … yes, it is actually in my hands right now. It’s kind of hard to believe after all the back and forth that the manufacturer of the frame has put us through. Us is the good people at the bike shop - Speedzone - with a little help from myself. I owe Dieter and Dirk a major thank you for all the work they have put into this project. From reading about the trip in a newspaper article, giving me a call telling me that they would like to lend support and going through the process of choosing the components and finally assembling it.So, here it is:

icy world - 001

In case you’re wondering whether it is truly this cold here at the moment … hm … yes! Just kidding, really. The timber is being sprayed with water and with temperatures below freezing, the water forms wondrous ice formations. Pedaling back from the bike store I came across this place and couldn’t resist. There’ll be more pics in the future … but for the time being, suffice it to say that my first impression is one of joy and fun. The bike promises to be a good companion thanks to the good folks at Speedzone

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Rob … still off the beaten track and starting a world record attempt

In the process of preparing for my own trip, I came across this website: 14 degrees. And I must say that I was envious of the title that Rob had come up with. Be that as it may, I contacted Rob and asked him a bunch of questions and it turned out that he would eventually pass through the area. At the beginning of this week, after he had switched from pedaling on a recumbent to the 4-wheel version aka the skateboard, he arrived in Offenburg and after not having been able to establish contact that night, we finally hooked up the following day. Among other things, Rob convinced me to try out a recumbent bicycle - something that I had not planned on doing ever. But we shall see.Rob intends to break the world record in unsupported skateboarding, which currently stands at around 6000km. The plan is to skate from here to London (including ferry of course) and then head to North America and cross the continent.Rob is one of the most pleasant people I have ever had the fortune to meet up with and has wits for many more. If he happens to come your way or someone you know, I’m sure he’d greatly appreciate being put up for the night. He is also supporting a charity through his journey, namely Board Free, an organization that helps kids with Lowe Syndrome. Donations are highly welcome. Please get in touch with Rob through his website.

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