Pedaling from the Black Forest to the Yellow Sea
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Posts from — February 2008

the first video - pre-departure

There is not much to add, so just take a look at the video if you have a couple of minutes. This will be the standard procedure every morning after spending the night in the tent. Enjoy!

video pre-departure

click on the image to watch the video, it will open in a new window

February 18, 2008   2 Comments

the last weekend

The last weekend is here … I’m trying to tie together some lose ends here and there, such as buying memory cards and batteries, bidding farewell to friends, putting data where it belongs, final equipment testing, etc. Here’s another useful item that I’m grateful to Diane for putting it together as sowing does not belong to the list of my core competences. Maybe it should, but it isn’t.These are essentially all the tools and spares that I will be taking along, safe for the spare tire and tube. Still a few things missing, but they’ll be gathered in due time. Click on the picture to get a more detailed overview with notes.

February 17, 2008   No Comments

less than 10 days …

It is now less than 10 days until my departure on Feb 20. Am trying to take care of some bits and pieces here and there. I got my last shots today, completing the 2 1/2 month vaccination marathon. I stopped by Dr. Schraeder’s office about 20 times during the last months. He and his staff have been a good source of information about all things medical that can happen during the tour. A big thank you!!!

MVZ Team

Guess what this is - old and new …


These are two water filter cartridges, new and old obviously. Up until now the water was always great, but I suppose it was time for a change. Not sure how often I will have to make use of the filter, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Too bad you can’t see the critters with the naked eye. Lovely names like Giardia and other parasites come to mind …

February 16, 2008   1 Comment