Pedaling from the Black Forest to the Yellow Sea
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Links to other touring cyclists, useful pages and miscellaneous:

other cyclists
- - Rob first rode his recumbent bike from Japan to Switzerland and then exchanged his two-wheeled friend for a 4-wheeler. After crossing the Atlantic by boat, he continued his voyage by skateboard to break the long-distance world record for skateboarding. A great story.
- - a tour with a similar route and a similar schedule.
- - Markus and Sarah have collected their memories in a great book (in German).
- - Souli rode his bike from Germany to Capetown and I joined him for the first 30km (a girl asks him outside the university cafeteria where he’s heading, Souli goes: Capetown; the look on the girl’s face was priceless).
- - Benni is using his recumbent tandem to head to South Africa and has people join him along the route.

sleeping over and more
- - great site, people let you spend a night on their couch, but more importantly they offer their hospitality.
- - nomen est omen (no, I did not take Latin in school)
- - likewise a good place to spend a night
- - a website bringing people of different languages together, who share their experiences on 09/09/09; the website collects people’s stories in eight languages from around the world

- - Soviet-era topographical maps, excellent for off the beaten track trips in the -stans