Pedaling from the Black Forest to the Yellow Sea
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Q: Will you be traveling alone?

A: Yes, the main reason being that not many people have the privilege to take a long time out of busy schedules. Moreover, traveling alone – while having a number of disadvantages – makes it much easier and almost requires you to get in touch with locals. Of course, that also means that some people will bear the brunt of me having been on my own for a while. ;) Being by yourself also means having a lot of freedom, you start, stop, push on and change course at your own will.

Q: What will you eat?

A: While some planning is necessary, it comes down to whatever is available. I’ll try to put carbs into myself as best as I can, but I anticipate some weight loss (some may ask what I will look like in the end – that remains to be seen) and will keep you posted about the weight difference.

Q: What is the total distance, what do you intend to do per day?

A: The total distance from the Black Forest to the Yellow Sea is roughly 15.000 km. The daily distance per riding day will be around 90-110 km depending on road surface and gradient. And how much I’ve eaten. This leaves out rest days and unintended rest days, a.k.a. bureaucratic hurdles while waiting for visas or crossing a border.

Q: What will you do when your bike breaks down?

A: I will fix it. First, I’ll try myself with the spares I have. If something is definitely broken, I will attempt to buy a spare part locally. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll have it shipped.

Q: How long do you plan to be on the road for?

A: Roughly 10 months, give or take one.

Q: How much weight are you carrying?

A: Well, body weight aside it all depends on the water and food I will have to carry. But the bike including equipment will be 70lbs (35 kg).

Q: Why are you doing this trip?

A: Ah … the biggest of them all. And a good one at that. Sometimes I find myself pondering this issue and coming up with no answer at all. But let me try … lo and behold, there is already a section on the website. Head over here.