Pedaling from the Black Forest to the Yellow Sea
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Day 256 (China): Beijing (big temples, long rides in the subway)

I said something about blue skies yesterday … and with that come cold temperatures. What makes it even worse is the wind that has been going on here. And here I thought I was tough. Two days in Beijijng, a nice comfy place in an apartment and I turn soft.

But then again, it’s never too cold to head out - and given that there is blue sky the pictures might even turn out nice. So, off to the Temple of Heaven here in Beijing to start the sightseeing and tourist portion of the tour. After a long ride in the subway, switching lines a couple of times, I arrived.

It is an amazing place … take a look for yourself. Warning: picture overload.


Here is the temple iself:

But there are small things to discover as well:




And then, you have these gigantic connectors …


And more temples …

And here is me, freezing like crazy. And happy to head for the hot chocolate that was waiting in store somewhere in this gigantic place with people all over the place. The solitude of other places …

Since some of you have wondered about the lack of pictures of myself.


1 Antoinette { 12.07.08 at 12:49 pm }

Markus, from traveller to tourist. You deserve it. And you may feel the cold, hang you suffered throught all kinds and most probably did not have time to feel much because of excitement, focus and frustration. Now you relax and just absorb, including the cold. Enjoy it.

2 Jess { 12.08.08 at 7:08 am }

THANKS for posting the photo of yourself.
Love you -

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