Pedaling from the Black Forest to the Yellow Sea
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Day 217 (China): km marker 2780 on G315 - km marker 2552 on G315 (sandblasting)

daily distance: 130km
total distance: 12,150km
riding time: 6-7h

The night was bad … really bad. The wind had changed and it now blew directly through the little water tunnel I was in. It was a) cold and b) sandy. I woke up with my eyes almost glued together and couldn’t open them for a second. Then I realized what was going on. In the light of my headlamp I could see the sand driving at me. Giving the place up with nowhere to go was not an option so I created a barrier with my bags and hunkered down behind it. The sleeping bag kept me warm, that wasn’t an issue, but the sand kept coming until the morning hours. And again, I had trouble opening my eyes in the morning. Not a nice feeling. Now I know what sandblasting feels I guess. And sand was everywhere.

I shook myself out and got back on the road. I must have looked pretty awful as the people in the first town came to me and gave me some water to wash up. Then, lots of uneventful cycling until I got the first town - where I wanted to grab a bite in a restaurant. The cooks were amazing and wouldn’t let me pay for anything. The food was delicious to boot. Thanks guys …

It was another long day …. and it is sort of decision time. I am thinking whether to try to get to a place where I can renew my visa which means cycling like crazyor whether to just realize that I will not be able to get there under my own steam and take it easy. We shall see. Any input is appreciated.

In the afternoon I came by pommegranate heaven and at one point was waved over, given two pommegranates and set out again. Funny stuff that is happening and I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that this is the place for those delicious fruits.

¬†And this is what things look like for the most part these days …

And then my first sunset in days …

At night I came to a derelict place - but was welcomed by Mehmet and his wife. The two of them were funny as you can have it - and the Langenscheidt Picture Talk booklet that I have came in really handy.


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