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Day 164 (Uzbekistan): Tashkent (visa - two down)

The day of reckoning … for some reason, I had some butterflies in my stomach again. Just like in Tehran. I got in line before the Chinese embassy, many more people being there than on my previous visit. I talked to another biker and found out that Bastien is in town also, but I decided that I would try to be in touch with him only if the Tajik visa didn’t come through.

The Chinese visa … came through without a hitch. I have a shiny new visa in my passport now. And ran off with it to drop it off for the Tajik visa. Spent the rest of the day around town, waiting and waiting again. I was hopeful because I hadn’t heard anything until lunchtime. But wait. That didn’t prevent the embassy from sitting on the passport before for a full. Quite apprehensively, I went to the office and waited around … until the driver came back. Blank face … but a yes. I got both visas!!! And can move on.

And I would like to show you the picture to prove it … but the internetcafe is unable to even move the picture from the flash card to the computer. Sorry.

I decided that I wouldn’t head to the Fergana Valley any more tonight, but would do the trip tomorrow. No need to really rush anything. And I wouldn’t have to do the trip at night. Instead, we ran around trying to get everything sorted. And thanks to Ahmad we did. So, tomorrow I am off to the Fergana Valley by taxi and then to Tajikistan the same day. Moving closer to where the donations will be going … if you want to donate, go here for more info.


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