Pedaling from the Black Forest to the Yellow Sea
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Day 157 (Usbekistan): rest day in Gorskiy (my body really tells me to …)

… completely shut down. I am not feeling well at all. I am overly tired and exhausted. Time to take a rest. Good thing that I am on a break now anyway. I have been pushing this one a bit and everything is now catching up with me. There are almost no pictures, except for a bike which is not mine. Not sure how far I would get.


So all I did was rest up. I slept long into the morning. Meaning 8 am. I read a bit. I ate something. Everything seemed out of whack. Tired, headaches and a nagging feeling that something was up. My stomach wasn’t happy. Too much food and too much exhaustion.

I slept some more in the afternoon and felt much, much better already. Not great yet. But all I need to do is rest up I guess. So, no need to worry. All is well and after returning from Tashkent, I am sure that I will be a happy biker yet again. Today, not so much.


1 Jess { 08.29.08 at 3:50 pm }

Hi…please take care of yourself!!! I hope you are feeling better.

I LOVE you & miss you.

2 cathie { 08.29.08 at 7:55 pm }

hello markus!! i am sorry to hear that exhaustion is taking its toll on you. what a wonderful ride you have had, seeing many things that will most likely stay out of my reach for a while, yet. i hope you feel better soon. rest well. cathie :-)

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