Pedaling from the Black Forest to the Yellow Sea
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Day 153 (Uzbekistan): Tashkent - Baksuk

daily distance: 118km
total distance:
riding time: 6h

The day was pretty unventful … it was a day of covering distance after finishing up some business in Tashkent. I needed - for the umpteenth time - new headphones and with all other things taken care of, I left Tashkent rather late. It was hot and it was going to go uphill. Not a pretty outlook with how I felt. The two days of rest I had got weren’t enough and the only reason to leave was to cover some distance, get to the Fergana Valley and then staying put / not biking for a few days.

I asked for a place to pitch the tent, really wanting to be sleeping there tonight, but was again invited by a family who are staying their datscha for 7 months of the year, the remaining time living in a house about 15 km from here. It was all extremely basic, but it was also very homely. Would I want to live there permanently? Probably not …

After hitting the turnoff, the wind got behind me … I was heading left here.

This is a little window into the world of that day …

This sign reminded me of the first big bike tour I did some years ago … heading down the West Coast from Canada to Mexico. Some more recent pictures of a small part of this trip are here.


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