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Day 97 (Iran): rest day in Tabriz

This was an unplanned rest day. Aydin and I had talked about me leaving at 6:30 am to escape the heat, but that wasn’t too be. The very yummy blackberry juice took its toll and I hadn’t slept much all night, but instead … no details. It was just stomach cramps though, but I was awake all night. The cramps were pretty fierce so there wasn’t any place I was going to go today. Instead we hung around and I lay low. Updated the website and slept some more in the afternoon. Aydin and I had some more great conversations over the course of the day during which again I learned much about Iran and the its functioning that I otherwise would never have learned I feel.

I also got a haircut (note that they were very proud of the razors) …

and later watched the painful game during which Germany lost to Spain. Deservedly I should say. Though given the 2 1/2 hour time difference I was close to falling asleep during the second half.

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1 Martin { 07.04.08 at 10:01 am }

Hey Markus, everythings ok with you? Haven’t heard anything for a couple of days. You make me a bit nervous, you being in Iran and not blogging regularyly. Best wishes, Martin.

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